Why independence? Any nation can fully realize its full potential and reach the highest phase in its historical development only within the framework of a nation-state.

Arslang Sandzhiev
Arslang SandzhievDec 15, 2023

Happiness and peace this country has tasted.

Jangar, Oirat-Kalmyk Epic

In April 2007, on my initiative (organizer and moderator), four round tables were held in the editorial office of "Khalmg Yunn" with the participation of the general public of Kalmykia. These were representatives of science, culture, veterans, students, heads of organizations, etc., over 60 people in total. All speeches were published in the national newspaper, the main topic was the preparation for the so-called "400th anniversary of the voluntary accession of the Kalmyk people to the Russian state". The result was the decision to hold the Congress of the intelligentsia of Kalmykia, which was originally conceived. A letter requesting support for this public initiative was sent to the Head of the Republic of Kalmykia, but the authorities were afraid of an open conversation with the people at a nationwide forum....

The story, however, was continued in the form of the article "KALMYKIA TOMORROW", which I wrote at the same time and later published in social networks. A lot of water has passed since then, but the questions remain. Unfortunately, for decades our republic has been ranked last in all the most important socio-economic indicators among all Russian regions. There are reasons for this, which should be the subject of a separate conversation, but now we are talking about something else. It is obvious that our plight suits the federal center and official authorities and we will have to wait for something good from them until, as our wise ancestors used to say, "the frog grows wool".

A new course is vital for the progressive development of the Republic, so I consider it my duty to "return to our sheep" and once again share with my fellow countrymen the thoughts aloud concerning the future of our people and our Republic. This is relevant, given the global processes that are taking place in the world today. Of course, no one can claim to be the truth in the last instance, but on the eve of the coming epochal events, it is high time for us to think once again about the bright Tomorrow.

There are several options for the development of our Republic, including independence, which, in my opinion, is possible in the form of creating a secular, democratic state, the Oirat-Mongol Republic. Why independence? Any nation can fully realize its full potential and reach the highest phase in its historical development only within the framework of a nation-state. That is why the first article of the UN Charter declares the right of every nation to self-determination and development and we are obliged to take advantage of this right and unique historical chance.

Why Oirat-Mongolian Republic? Every nation, including us, the Oirats - the Western Mongols - relies on its own history, and for us it goes back into the darkness of centuries, it is mentioned in the first pan-Mongolian literary monument, “The Secret History of the Mongols.”

Три фактора в пользу «монгольского вектора»:

  1. Preservation of ethnicity and territory. Our people are faced with an acute demographic problem: the Concept of demographic development of the Republic of Kalmykia for the period until 2015 (Order of the Government of the Republic of Kalmykia dated July 3, 2002 N 336-r) notes a reduction in the total population ; Now the situation is even worse. The solution could be the migration of our fellows from Mongolia (External and Internal), as well as from the XUAR (China). For the Mongolian world, having another independent country is a necessary and far-sighted step, but for us it is important that there are more than ten million Mongols on the planet and this gives our people the opportunity to survive as an ethnic group, as well as preserve their territory.

  2. Preservation of the native language. From 2012 to 2019, I worked in the Public Council for the Development of the Kalmyk Language and I know that here, as well as in many other areas, the picture is sad. Just one fact: the majority of Kalmyk language teachers are people of retirement age; Moreover, we do not train teachers of our native language, because The Department of Methods of Teaching the Kalmyk Language has been closed at KSU for a long time. The university is funded by the federal budget, and Moscow, to put it bluntly, doesn’t care about our problems. The issue could be resolved by opening a department (several jobs!) at the expense of the republican budget, but alas! - things are still there. In a situation where our youth and children, as well as middle-aged people, hardly speak their native language, we need to rely on the Mongolian language, science and culture. We have common historical roots, the same blood, the same faith, and the basis of our languages is also the same. The national script “Todo Bichig” also originates from the common Mongolian “Khuudm Bichg”. Russian, English, Chinese, Ukrainian will be working languages: we are open to the world.

  3. Economic development. In order to occupy our niche in the world economy as quickly as possible, we can and must, first of all, rely on the dynamically developing economy of Mongolia and Buddhist countries. Taking into account modern technologies and communications, many projects in the field of economics, culture, education, sports, etc., will allow our people to closely communicate and be friends with the Mongolian (broader, Buddhist) world, stand firmly on their feet and look confidently into the future.

Thus, we have all the prerequisites to successfully resolve many serious issues; we have a picture of the future. The main goal of an independent prosperous state is a qualitative improvement in the lives of our people. It is also very important that we be full owners of our home and leave our descendants a flourishing native land. World experience shows that the greatest economic success and high standard of living have been achieved by countries with developed democracies, where there is effective government and a strong civil society. Therefore, we have a path towards the West; there is simply no alternative. We are obliged to do this in the name of a happy life for future generations and fulfilling the cherished dream of our ancestors about the country of Bumbin Orn. Of course, in order for us to be on equal terms in international relations and for serious investments to come to us, our republic must be represented by handshaking people who, during serious trials, have shown themselves to be staunch supporters of peace, international laws and justice.

Today, our people have only one national socio-political organization - the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people, the leader of which was recently elected the well-known political figure Batyr Boromangnayev. Over many years of tireless work, he showed himself to be an ideological fighter for democratic values and national interests. The Congress has international connections and close contacts with the national liberation movements of peoples held captive by Russian Federation, and, importantly, with government bodies and socio-political organizations of Ukraine. For its open anti-war position and defending violated national rights, the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk People was included in the list of extremist organizations by the Russian Ministry of Justice. This indicates that the Congress is really doing the real thing and can be the core of the entire national-patriotic movement in Kalmykia. We vitally need the consolidation of all the groups of our people, and the first step in this direction will be the preparation and holding of the World Oirat-Mongolian Congress. At this major international forum with the wide participation of representatives of our fellow people from many countries of the world, the most pressing issues in the life of our people will be considered and the DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY OF THE OIRAT-MONGOLIAN REPUBLIC, which includes three main directions, will be presented:

I. Political program.

II. Economic program.

III. Creation of the Government of People's Trust of the Oirat-Mongol Republic.

I. The political program defines the Oirat-Mongolian Republic as an independent secular democratic state of a parliamentary type, lays the foundations for the functioning of the state system, including self-defense forces, security agencies, internal affairs, prosecutors, customs, etc., as well as democratic institutions (independent parliament, court, media, two-party system, free elections, etc.).

II. The economic program provides that the economy of the Oirat-Mongol Republic will be multi-structured, market-based, with minimal government intervention in the activities of economic entities, with indicative planning, maximum protection of property rights, with diversity and equality of forms of ownership, and freedom of entrepreneurial activity. Among the most important, this program provides for the effective implementation of the following tasks:

  1. Mass implementation of modern technologies in agricultural production; state support in financing and marketing of agricultural products, creation of effective cooperation among farmers.

  2. Industry. Creation of modern enterprises for the production of microelectronics (chips), solar batteries, etc. – branches of Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean companies. As an example, the Elista hardware-electronic plant “Odn” (Zvezda) even in Soviet times had millions of US dollars in its accounts. Creation of companies for the extraction and development of local raw materials: limestone, clay, sand, clay gypsum, rare earth metals (scandium, yttrium), phosphorus, phosphates, etc.

  3. Electric power industry: Building of an independent energy system based on modern technologies;

  4. Water: Commissioning of a water canal from the Volga in the area of Tsagan-Aman, development of local water sources (ponds, artesians, springs, etc.).

  5. Oil and gas: State regulation of exploration, development, production and transportation of oil and gas, replenishment of the republic’s budget from these areas in accordance with international standards, as well as processing of oil and gas products in the republic itself.

  6. Transportation: Maximum arrangement of highways in the directions of Astrakhan, Volgograd, Stavropol, Rostov-on-Don; construction of international port on the Caspian Sea and Volga.

  7. Ecology: Cooperation with the world's leading scientific organizations, foundations and companies in the field of combating desertification.

III. Holding open elections to the representative bodies of the new independent state of the Oirat-Mongol Republic is possible only after a transition period (3 - 5 years) and the creation of the necessary conditions for the real functioning of democratic institutions. During the transition period, all power functions should be in the hands of the Government of People's Trust of the Oirat-Mongol Republic, formed by delegates of the World Oirat-Mongol Congress.

The World Oirat-Mongol Congress is being held in New York City (USA) in September, 2024. A lot of organizational work will be required, however, there is no doubt that our people will find the strength and will to determine their own destiny. The main thing is to firmly follow the intended course. As the great leader of all the Mongols said: “If you are afraid, don’t do it; if you do, don’t be afraid.”

Arslang Sandzhiev

Deputy Chairman

Arslang Sandzhiev

Arslang Sandzhiev - a professional journalist, laureate of the Republican Prize named after Nomto Ochirov. Author of many TV programs, including the TV chess game "Time trouble", author of documentaries about prominent people of Kalmykia. Deputy Chairman of the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people.

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