An interview with Vladimir Dovdanov by Katerina Krasovska

An interview with Vladimir Dovdanov by Katerina Krasovska

Today, captive peoples do understand that peaceful protests alone cannot change the existing system in the empire and that the armed resistance is the only effective method

Vladimir Dovdanov
Vladimir DovdanovMay 26, 2023

Vladimir Dovdanov, deputy of the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people, spoke on the question, about when the captive peoples in Russia would be ready to conduct a large-scale uprising against the imperial regime.

— Against the background of what is happening in the Belgorod region, are the captive peoples of Russia ready for an uprising, in particular, the Oirat-Kalmyk people?

— Our Oirat-Kalmyk people have been under the occupation of the Russian Empire (hereinafter, you can use different combinations of words that characterize the essence of this state) for 253 years, which has destroyed almost the entire gene pool of our nation. In the 20th century, the Russians (Soviet Union) nearly destroyed us twice by genocide. Our people were deported and the republic was annulled. Even later, when the Russians, who do not admit their mistakes (Russians will never admit their mistakes), returned it back, they did not return all the lands to us, did not pay offer compensation and did not repent.

Therefore, talking about an uprising right now is premature. We need to prepare, which is what we are doing. Like other captive nations in Russia, such as the Buryats, Sakha-Yakuts, Ingush, Chechens, Dagestan peoples, Circassians and other peoples who aim to develop their own armed forces and train them in Ukraine and the West. And, without a doubt, they would take part in liberating Ukraine, and then, in their own republics and regions. This is what we are doing at the moment.

— Western communication channels?

— Frankly, the West, unfortunately, is not yet ready to support the aims of the oppressed and captive peoples towards freedom and independence. In the West, for some reason, they believe that it’s necessary to preserve the centralized Russian state, replace Putin’s regime with “good” Russians, after which everything will stabilize. But history has already proven itself. The West gave several chances to the Russian state to become a natural democratic country, and each time this country returned to dictatorship. This has been well tested on ourselves and other captive peoples who have gone through genocide, deportation, ethnocide, linguicide, environmental assimilation and destruction. Therefore, the Oirat-Kalmyk people need freedom and independence, like oxygen. It is key for all peoples if they want to preserve their nation, identity, history, culture, traditions, customs and national language. That is why we propose to change the agenda in the West to show them that their visions, judgements and opinions are wrong about - keeping the Russian empire as a centralized state. And the West must finally understand that even on economic terms, it is much more beneficial to deal with the real owners of the natural resources and energy, etc., by bypassing Russian intermediaries.

Western countries may not fully understand that there is one resource that they should be using in the fight against the Russian empire - the desire of captive peoples for freedom and independence. After all, very little time will pass and the “good” Russians will become bad. Then your and our children and grandchildren will fight again with the revived Russian empire. The entire world’s experience with them is blatantly obvious. This is completely unacceptable!

— What steps have to be taken in order for Russia to disintegrate? Distribute weapons to all captive peoples?

— First, you need an understanding of the scope of Ukraine. Yes, it supports us. However, it is necessary to build a coordination center of representatives of captive peoples and the training of armed forces on the territory of Ukraine and Western countries, where, with the help of Ukrainian and Western instructors, the future Self-Defense Forces of independent states would be trained. They would be trained using international methods and instructions of war. We absolutely need this, because in the future we will face all sorts of leaders of the Russian world, the Girkins and other imperialists, who will shout at every corner about the revival of the former greatness of the Russian people and the return of the empire.

This is a huge threat to the future of all mankind.

Naturally, we need the Western world and above all, Ukrainian leadership to understand the situation as well as looking at ways to finance all of this work. You can't do anything without it. Unfortunately, we don't have it.

Every nation in Russia has volunteers, who do not support this war and are ready to defend Ukraine. Imagine if the volunteers of all the oppressed and captive peoples, units from battalions to brigades are trained and formed, then the situation, both in Ukraine and in the Russian empire itself, would change dramatically.. Together, joined with the armed forces of Ukraine, they would take part in the opening of this country, and it would be stupid to not take this opportunity.

Today, captive peoples do understand that peaceful protests alone cannot change the existing system in the empire and that the armed resistance of the oppressed peoples is the only effective method to bring about the collapse of the Russian state.

Participation of these national militias in the war in Ukraine, and on the territory of the empire itself, would lend itself to demilitarize and decolonize the empire itself, but the main thing will be to achieve freedom and create our own independent national and regional democracies.

If we create such armed formations, then together with the Ukrainian army, the best in the world, we will be able to curb the monster that is now waging a criminal war in Ukraine. Thus, the whole world will win, and first of all Ukraine.

— What should be done first of all to destroy Russia?

— First of all, there is a need for the government of Ukraine and Western countries to recognize the national liberation movements that have united in the League of Free Nations, at the Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia and on other platforms. This would open up funding for the creation of national power structures of future independent states, their armed formations and help the republics at the initial stage. Of course, such steps would only hasten the collapse of the Russian state. And of course, representatives of the national liberation movements would not be separatists and extremists in the eyes of the world community.

Some of the representatives of our people were drawn into the war with Ukraine, and some gullible fellow tribesmen went to fight - about 400 people. Of these, according to unconfirmed reports, about 100 have already died. Finding out the exact numbers is problematic, as this is classified information. I note that during the war in Chechnya, we lost about 25 people, and in Afghanistan - 26 dead. In two wars, our losses were less than in one year of war in Ukraine. This is a tragedy for our people. Representatives of our people should not fight in the ranks of the aggressor's army. On the contrary, they should fight on the side of Ukraine.

By the way, representatives of the Oirat-Kalmyk people are fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the independence of Ukraine, but there should be much more of them. Indeed, in the future they will have to liberate their Republic from Russian invaders and local “mankurts” and take part in the construction of their future state.

Today, our people cannot independently resist the Russian state. We don't have weapons. Our youth is not trained. When the war in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, and in the fall, mobilization into the ranks of the Russian army, the majority of the male population left Russia, thus protesting against this war. More than 10 thousand Oirat-Kalmyks went abroad. At the same time, there are only 270 thousand of us in Russia. People do not want to fight because they understand that this is an unjust and predatory war. People for the most part understand who the real enemy is and who the true friend is. It is clear that this is not our war.

— Are people disappointed in Putin's regime?

— Certainly. In our republic, there are no manifestations of joy about the so-called NWO. Young protestors are constantly posting leaflets against the war and trying to tear down posters about conscription for contract service. After all, it is impossible to protest against the war in this repressive country in any other way.

In addition, the situation in the republic has deteriorated significantly - the economy is stagnant. In particular, stagnation in agriculture. There are no spare parts for foreign equipment. Oil and gas production is declining.

Mobilization is going badly - no one wants to fight. The military is paid little and often cheated and thrown onto the battlefield like cannon fodder. They are simply thrown into the furnace of war and they return home crippled or in plastic bags.

Also, during the war in Ukraine, crime has increased in our republic.

— Have you taken the first steps to unite with other peoples for the collapse of Russia?

— Yes, we are working closely in this direction in the Free Nations League. We take part in various forums, congresses, pickets and rallies. We are doing everything possible to stop the war in Ukraine. We are close friends with the leaders of the Bashkir, Buryat and other associations. We have a tough fight ahead of us, but we will win. Or rather, Ukraine will win, which means we will win and become independent.

— How will the protests of the captive peoples in Russia begin?

— The processes that are currently taking place in the Belgorod region will take place in many regions of Russia. This has happened more than once in world history, and this is an axiom of a collapsing empire.

When the Armed Forces of Ukraine, led by Valery Zaluzhny, who is the idol of billions of people around the world, completely defeat the Russians in Ukraine, liberate Crimea, take hundreds of thousands of soldiers prisoner, and Ukrainian propaganda, together with our propaganda of the captive peoples, will effectively resist Russian propaganda, then all this will help to awaken desire to protest. It must be admitted that the existing regime in Russia is conducting a grandiose experiment on duping the entire population of the country - propaganda is spewed around the clock. People are hoodwinked. They really perceive the war criminal Putin as the salvation of the world. When you ask these people what Russia and our people have to do with it, they answer that we cannot live without Russians. We'll die of hunger without them. At the same time, we have a lot of national wealth, which, with proper management, will allow our people to become self-sufficient.

In addition, there are quite a lot of humanitarian projects and programs in the world that will allow you not to die of hunger. However, people do not believe this. As a result, at the moment, families are having their own "civil" war. And this is the result of the work of Russian imperial propaganda. There is a split in society and in the future we will have a lot of work to do to overcome it.

After the victory of Ukraine and the collapse of the Russian empire, colossal reforms will have to be carried out in all areas of civil life. Which includes, having the future leadership of the independent Republic hand over the war criminals who supported and sent people to war, to the international community and Ukraine. Political and economic reforms, reforms of public consciousness, the return of the native language, the construction of the armed forces, judicial reform, the security of the future state, international activities, relations with neighbors and much more, all this lies ahead of us in the future and it will not be easy.

— Can a civil war break out in Russia, and from which republics will the confrontation begin?

— Every nation held captive by the Russians has claims to the Russian Empire. After all, everyone suffered losses as a result of the so-called friendship with the Russians.

It is not in vain that we want to create our own armed formations. Indeed, in our republic there is a layer of people, the so-called pseudo-elite, who will not support us under any circumstances. This is obvious if only by the fact that we are a threat to their existence. Corruption, theft from the budget, plunder of the earth's resources and many other criminal acts, the new government will put an end to all of this.

It is quite obvious that along with a number of basic reforms, it is necessary to carry out activities to “de-zombify” the local population. After all, during the existence of the Russian state, our people have turned into ‘the masses’. In this regard, we have a lot of work to do to make people feel like a people again.

As soon as the Armed Forces of Ukraine reach the borders of 1991, we will be ready to start a confrontation in the empire itself. The Russian state will find itself in a difficult situation, the defeat in the war with Ukraine, the defeat of the Russian army on the battlefields, the ideological breakdown of the great idea of "gathering" Russian lands. All this will be a heavy burden on the Russian people. The result will be protests in Ichkeria and many other national territories and possibly armed confrontations. Perhaps this will happen in our republic. The old always struggles with the new, the past with the future. Whether armed formations will be created in other republics is possible and most likely. Having such a bandit neighbor, you will inevitably arm yourself with a good club. But in the past history of the people, human logic suggests that it is impossible to trust the “good” Russians who will replace the Putin regime. However, we are purposefully working on this issue and I think that we will be able, with the help of the world community, to cope.

After all these events, our Congress will take responsibility for the construction of a new independent state. The help of the world community and humanitarian organizations will be needed. After all, the Russians will immediately stop financing our republic, and the population will need to be fed and paid salaries. We are preparing for this moment. We are preparing relevant projects and programs.

— Are you ready for the revival of your republic and how should it begin?

— Rather, we want to build a new independent state. The Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people is preparing treaties of friendship and cooperation with similar republics and regions. As soon as we declare our independence, and your Verkhovna Rada supports our independence, we will immediately conclude an agreement on friendship and cooperation in all areas with Ukraine. We assume that other Western countries will take our independence for granted and will join the countries that support us.

Congress does not object to paying its share of reparations to Ukraine. We understand that the ruling elite in the Republic imposed by the Russians on our people, popularly called the “mankurts”, dragged part of our people into this criminal war on the side of the empire. As a result, hundreds and thousands of towns and villages were destroyed in Ukraine. Millions of refugees fled their homes, hundreds of thousands died. We physically feel your pain. But the fact that you do not give up and are still winning - is an example for the whole world of the highest courage, national pride and human dignity, motivates us all in resisting the Russian world. We are sure that we should follow your example and do the same.

We know one thing quite clearly - neither politically, nor economically, nor confessionally, and even more so mentally, we do not want to be on the same path as the Russian world!

The Russian empire, which has “rammed” almost all the captive peoples into the ground, must finally understand that there will be no return to the old!

It's time for Russians to realize the right of peoples to self-determination and independence!

The Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people will adequately represent its people, after gaining independence, on all world platforms! Russia is the past! Our future is with Ukraine!

And finally, to paraphrase the words of Eastern philosophers, I wanted to bring them here: “... Humanity is what makes nations the same. Heavenly is what makes Ukraine unique!”

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!


Vladimir Dovdanov

Deputy Chairman

Vladimir Dovdanov

Vladimir Dovdanov - Deputy Chairman of the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. Author of numerous publications, articles, and books on national topics. In 2008-2009 Head of the Federal Service for Financial Markets in the Volgograd and Astrakhan Regions. Active participant and organizer of rallies to protect the rights of the Oirat-Kalmyk people.

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